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Reiki and Seichem

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When you ask for Reiki and Seichem you are making a commitment to heal/change an aspect of yourself or your life. Whether this healing/change is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual change will depend upon you.

Reiki and Seichem is a relaxing treatment that can benefit young and old alike. The client remains fully clothed (lying on a couch) throughout the treatment, whilst the therapist carries out a series of movements (channelling the universal life force energy through their hands) placing their hands onto or just above the client’s body.

Possible Benefits of Reiki and Seichem

  • Deep relaxation.
  • Stress relief.


  • 1 hour £27.50.
  • 30 minutes £20. 

Add 30 minutes Reiki to any other 30 minute treatment for £10.