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Facials take place with the client lying on a couch, the client is asked to remove the top half of their clothing and a towel is placed across the upper body to ensure privacy, a blanket or towel is also used to cover the legs. The skin is cleansed and a skin diagnosis is carried out, the correct products for the client’s skin type are selected. The skin is exfoliated, hot towels are used to open the pores and extractions may be carried out at the client’s request. A deeply relaxing massage of the face and decolletage is completed using  base oil or cream and a masque is applied. The skin is then toned and moisturiser is applied. Dr organics, the green people, natural botanicals, Jennifer Young and Kaeso products are predominantly used for the facial. All products are cruelty free and do not contain parabens. Fragrance free green people products are available. Jennifer Young products are suitable for everyone, but were developed after consultation with nurses from an oncology unit and are suitable for people who are receiving treatment for cancer or who have had cancer in the past.
  • Luxury Facial: cleanse, skin diagnosis, exfoliation, hot towels, extraction (optional), massage (using oil or cream), masque, hand and arm massage followed by heated mittens, toner, moisturiser.

Possible benefits:

  • Relaxation.
  • Softer firmer skin.


  • 1 hour £35. Unavailable at this time.